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To bring us closer to Him who reins in Heaven.

What will we do with knowledge we gained,
Will we strive to new heights or simply maintain.

As He shapes us and molds us in 2008,
Our challenge will be, why did He create,

An imperfect creature with doubts and fears,
One that struggles through life and fights through the tears.

The answer of course is that He makes us strong.
He shapes us and molds us, and He's never wrong.

He desires our fellowship, our love to be one with Him.
He equips us with gifts and empowers us within.

Warriors we are, to engage in the battle,
A defeated foe, a snake that's been crushed,
And can no longer rattle!

Search for your gifts, and find your passion,
Your purpose in life will be easy to fashion,

Once found and applied in 2008,
One step closer you will be to Heavens Gate!

January 2008
Where have we been, where are we going?
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