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Sumatra Mandheling origins Coffee
Sumatra Mandheling
Origins Coffee
Sumatra Mandheling coffee has a syrupy body with hints of chocolate
and brown sugar. It is well-known for its smooth and full bodied flavor
that is both earthy and complex. Rich in history and rich in flavor, these
coffee beans are legendary in the world of Sumatran coffee.
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Organic Peru Coffee
This Sumatra coffee is as rich in flavor as it is rich in coffee history. Amazingly enough, this coffee
was once thought to be lost to the world due to a series of calamities starting with the Leaf Rust
epidemic in the 1880's, and also through political confrontations including WWII. It took over 100
years for the rare cultivar to be rediscovered, hidden amongst the lush jungle of Sumatra. Since
then, these ancient Arabica trees have been replanted in the Mandheling Province of West Sumatra
which is now world famous for its production of gourmet coffee.
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Sumatra Mandheling Origins Coffee
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