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Padilla Stoneware Mugs
Padilla Stoneware Mugs, unique designs, Mug Trees and accessories which are available in a wide
variety of original glazes and styles.  Each high temperature stoneware piece is hand-glazed and
finished and therefore unique.  Padilla applies a glaze, creating the appearance of it dripping before
firing it again for a shorter period of time.
Lead Free - Microwave/Dishwasher Safe.
Color Key:
C5 Rustic Brown   C6 Black   C7 Neutral-Gloss    N3 Royal Blue   N4 Cranberry   
N7 Midnight Blue   P2 Yellow    P3 Red  P4 Purple    P5 Chocolate   P9 Matte Green  
Q1-Orange/Copper  Q2-Light Purple  Q3-Sky Blue  Q4-Forest Green
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Padilla Original Mug Tree Design
Original Padilla Mug Tree Design.
The one end done in a flat edge is a unique style point, and makes a
more convenient stack.  12 ounce capacity.  Big enough to fit your
whole hand in the handle.  You can use these for soup, coffee, tea,
or whatever.
Available in sets of 4 or  6.
A wooden post is included free with each set of
4 or 6 mugs.
Set of 4   $50.95
Set of 6  $72.95
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Set of 4    $50.95  
Set of 6    $72.80
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Padilla French Twist Mugs
Padilla French Twist Mugs
One of Padilla's Great designs. This 14 oz. Mug features the
round rim with a great twist. This is an interesting mug look
at and so versatile.  Enjoy it with any beverage!
Available in sets of 4 or  6.
A wooden post is included free with each set of 4 or 6 mugs.
Set of 4    $52.98   
Set of 6    $75.95
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Stoneware - A very durable material, stoneware will last for years while keeping its original beauty.
Each piece is fired twice at a high temperature and finished by hand.  Minor imperfections are
therefore a common characteristic of hand-finished stoneware products.  Strict quality control  has
been established to ensure you the highest quality possible at the best price.
Only lead free glazes are used and the product is tested to ensure that there are no traces of either
lead or cadmium.
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Padilla Jug Mugs
Padilla Stoneware Jug Mugs are just one of Padilla's unique
designs. Notice the stoneware cup design and the artistic  detail on
the mug. This is a great addition to anyone's kitchen decor.
16 ounce capacity
Available in sets of 4 or  6.
A wooden post is included free with each set of 4 or 6 mugs.
Set of 4  $57.09
Set of 6    $82.02
Padilla Creamer & Sugar Set
Why not add a
Sugar and Creamer
to go with your
Padilla Tea Set
We haven't
forgotten about
the Tea Lovers
out there.
Personal Tea Set
by Padilla!
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Padilla Stoneware Mugs
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Stoneware Mugs Wooden Post

"Received my mugs
today and have
already used one for
tea which I drink a
lot of. They are nice
to use and look
great." --- Tom
Padilla Jug Mugs
Glazes - There are many factors that determine variations in colors that result from high-fired
glazed stoneware, many of which are a challenge to control. Therefore, each piece is unique and
there are often variations in color.
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Padilla Stoneware Mugs
Coffee Lovers USA
These make super wedding gifts, not to mention Christmas gifts. If you have a coffee lover in the
family or if you just want to get a gift that is warm, practical, and will last a lifetime, get these
Padilla Stoneware Mugs.
Padilla Mugs Color Key
French Twist 14 oz Mug
Original 12 oz Tree Mug
Jug Mugs  16 oz
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Padilla Round Rim Mugs
Padilla Round Rim Mugs
Padilla round rim mugs are an example of his unique
drip-looking designs with a very unusual shape. This particular
Padilla stoneware design comes in 9 different colors. His designs
truly are beautiful enough for any kitchen decor.
12 ounce capacity
Four New
Q1 - Q4
Round Rim Mugs,  12 oz
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