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Organic Dominican Republic
'Santo Domingo' Coffee
This Organic Dominican Republic coffee displays a well balanced complexity
and uniformity with a rich full taste, medium body and a pleasant acidity.
You will find these special beans brew up a fine gourmet Caribbean coffee.
Coffee is part of everyday life in the Dominican Republic, and they celebrate
their commitment to its quality.
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Organic Coffee
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Organic Coffee
Organic Dominican Republic 'Santo Domingo' Coffee
Organic Dominican Republic Coffee
Organic Guatemala
Most Dominican coffee is grown on small farms, and is cultivated especially well due to the superior
growing conditions of the island.  The Dominican people associate coffee with a relaxing, easygoing
lifestyle. Many times here in the US, we associate coffee with energy to maintain our busy, hurried
lifestyle. So instead of grabbing some quick coffee on the go, take a break and relax with a soothing
cup of Santo Domingo's "Bani Especial" Coffee and let it add to the tranquility to your life.
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