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Origins Coffee
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Origins Coffee
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Mexico 'Spirit of the Aztec'
Origins Coffee

Mexico 'Spirit of the Aztec' Origins Coffee
Mexico's "Spirit of the Aztec" coffee is "Altura  Pluma," which means
high grown and designates the finest coffee of Mexico.
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In order to qualify for "excellence" which is labeled Altura, the coffee must be grown at least 4,000
feet high. Coatepec, called the capital of coffee in Mexico, is located in Veracruz.

If you are serious about coffee, this is one you don't want to miss. Mexican coffees are known to
provide a variety of captivating cup characteristics. We know you are going to enjoy the "Spirit of
the Aztec" and delight in this coffee from the marvelous aroma all the way to the smooth finish.
This one promises to rouse all your senses!
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Mexico Spirit of the Aztec Origins Coffee
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Discover and experience the exceptional Mexico "Spirit of the Aztec" coffee with its medium
body, fine acidity, and a savory flavor that is mild, sweet, and unforgettable.
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