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Holy Spirit Inspired

This page is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ, as His Holy Spirit speaks to my heart and
becomes the author of these poems and thoughts. I believe all that have a personal relationship
with Jesus have an awesome opportunity to take the time to listen to God as He speaks to us
through His Holy Spirit that resides in each believer. This is not to say that He speaks to me
audibly, but to my heart and in my thoughts. He inspires me to share my heart with you.

I hope you enjoy these writings, but most of all that all praise and honor be given to my
Sovereign God, the creator of all.

Christ servant,
Joe Patanella
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This is a different time for me
As I reflect on bended knee.

The past and all it's memories,
The dreams fulfilled and missed opportunities.

Many times of joy and peace,
And also tears that would not cease.

My bride, my love that stood by me,
At times I brought pure agony.

And yet those moments of happiness,
As we worked through those times of stress.

Those times when we looked up to Thee,
You touched our hearts and set us free.

You blessed us with a girl and boy,
And allowed us to share in so much joy.

And then you blessed and gave us more,
Six Grandchildren to adore.

Then you blessed us once again,
They live right here, is there no end!

You've done so much to keep us whole,
The glory goes to you ten fold.

May we always dwell on the good you've done,
Never forget you Father, who gave up Your Son.

So we could be with You one day,
and with Jesus Your Son for eternity stay.

January 2010
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Restore My Heart

So here it is another day,
Not much sleep has come my way.

I sit here pondering my thoughts you see,
Of times gone by and fantasy.

I wonder what each day will bring,
A struggle, a sadness, a song to sing.

Sometimes we plan our life ahead,
To only find plans change instead.

I sit here with the one I love,
And talk of hope from signs above.

Our talk is sad these latter days,
As we deal with life in many new ways.

Our youth is gone, our desires are dull,
The enemy exists and yes, there's a glimpse of hell.

With darkness all around me now,
There is but one who'll wheel the plow.

The one who will make it light again,
For me and you, yes, all my friend.

Jesus who I count on more,
Each day I will in prayer implore.

To fight my battles day and night,
To always embrace and hold me tight.

For He has everyone of us,
The righteous ones who He entrusts.

The power and authority
To proclaim, our Lord God's Sovereignty.

We are adopted into the family,
Yes, all of us that He set free.

I write this with a humble heart,
But make a promise to do my part.

To seek Him first each day I start,
And allow Him to, Restore My Heart.

August 2009
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Holy Spirit Inspired
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What Plan Has He?

We are free or so we think,
To go our way quick as a blink.

We do not take the time to plan,
The route we travel as a man.

We form in stone how we grow up,
Some good, some bad, why interrupt.

The family line started long ago,
So who are we to stop the flow?

First Grandpa, Dad and now it's me,
Raising my own family!

So do I set the same decree,
As Dad and Grandpa set for me?

Or do I look to Him above,
My creator, my Lord, the one I love.

As I raise my family, do I ask,
What plan has He?

We've had examples that are good.

Yet, there are some who do fall short,
of skills as parents never taught.

So with God's grace maintain your love,
Embrace your family, you will honor Him above.

Look to Him and soon you'll see,
The answer to, what plan has He!

February 2009
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