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Danger Is Near
So I start another day, Little sleep, not much pay
From what I've read.

The schedule is very clear you see,
There's certain tasks, that keep us free.

I'm not at home with family
I'm with my friends and they with me.

As I approach this crossing here
I know there's danger very near.

Behind every building, near every tree
the enemy is there, waiting for me.

Yet comfort exists in my head and my heart,
That Jesus will guide every step, direct every part.

As I walk through this life and the one beyond,
Each field that I pass and across every pond.

I'm a soldier you see, and I stand for what's right.
I fight for your freedom all day and at night.

I do it with honor though danger is near,
My God my Lord Jesus says do not fear.

One day this will end, no sorrow, no sin.
I'll look back at life and see where I've been.

It will all make sense, now that I'm here,
With family and friends and nothing to fear.

So please pray for me brothers, all that are home.
He hears all your prayers, The One on the throne.

And Don't forget the warriors, my fighting brothers,
As we start out each day, to fight and free others.

March 2008
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