Here are 5 top reasons and health benefits of coffee drinking that strongly suggest that coffee is
indeed a great alternative for decreasing health problems and ailments.

#1  Coffee Decreases Chances of Alzheimer's disease

Gary Arendash is a researcher at Tampa, Florida working at the Byrd Alzheimer?s Institute and has
conducted research studies and experimentation on this claim. In his experiments, he gave dosages of
coffee to mice with the human equivalent of five cups of java. This is 500 grams of caffeine
administered to mice with Alzheimer?s in a daily basis. The results show that coffee drinking has
plaque-busting effects on the mice and it basically reverses any symptoms of  
Alzheimer?s or dementia. According to his study, caffeine in coffee has properties that help in the
reduction of the levels of two specific enzymes. These play a vital role in the process called amyloid
plaque formation which eventually leads to memory loss.

#2  Coffee Reduces Risks of Heart Disease and Stroke

The doctors and scientific researchers working at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center as well as
Brooklyn College have proven this health benefit of coffee drinking. The caffeine content of coffee is
basically the one that has the cardio protective effects hence decaf is not recommended to get this
health benefit. John Kassotis, MD claimed that there is a higher rate of heart disease among elderly  
do not drink coffee due to blood pressure. The Kaiser Permanente health plan also records 130,000
plan members who drink 1-3 cups of java daily. It showed that those who have coffee intake have
20% lesser risks of getting hospitalized due to heart rhythm disturbances or arrhythmias. A study of
83,700 nurses in 2009 who are enrolled in Nurse?s Health Study also showed that coffee drinkers have
20% lesser risks of stroke compared to non-drinkers.

#3  Coffee Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Frank Hu, MD, MPH, PhD is a nutritionist and epidemiologist who teaches at the Harvard School of
Public Health. According to him, the claim that drinking
coffee could basically prevent the
development of type 2 diabetes is quite solid as it is based on published studies with more than 15 of
them conducted and proven. In 2005, there are reviews of nine studies of the relation of coffee
drinking and  
diabetes prevention. There are more than 193,000 individuals who said that they drink from six to
seven cups of java and even more daily. These people are recorded to have 35% lesser risk of having
type 2 diabetes than those who do not drink coffee. This is due to the mineral contents of controlling
blood sugar in the body.

#4  Coffee Reduces Risks of Liver Cancer

The medical journal called Gastroenterology claimed that coffee drinking significantly lowers the risk
of having liver cancer. Dr. Susanna C. Larsson and Dr. Alicja Wolk of the Karolinska Institute in
Stockholm wrote that over two decades, scientific studies show the potential health benefits and
effects of coffee especially in reducing liver cancer. That?s because it helps regulate liver function and
inverse relationship of liver enzyme levels and coffee drinking. For every two cups of
coffee consumed
each day, there is a 43% lowered risk of cirrhosis or chronic liver ailment.

#5  Coffee Increases Alertness and Brain Stimulation

Lorist et al in 1994 and 2003 claimed that caffeine in coffee helps in stimulating brain activity and
increases alertness. A regular serving of java which is 60-1000 mg of caffeine shows beneficial effects
such as getting energized or perked up. Moreover, according to a study by Sagaspe et al in 2007,
coffee drinking helps in improving driving performance especially at night. They also claimed that it
decrease onset of fatigue and sleepiness, a good benefit to those working graveyard shifts. According
to scientific research in 2005 by Smith et al, caffeine
in coffee basically maintains daytime alertness level while reducing tiredness and extreme fatigue that
affects your work and information processing.

Coffee drinking is indeed more than just an enjoyable beverage that satisfies the palette. It also has
remarkable health benefits that increase your body functions and quality of life.

To learn more about
coffee health benefits please visit CoffeeFacts.Org.
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5 Top Health Reasons to Drink Coffee
Coffee is undeniably one of the most popular beverages in the world.  Millions of people enjoy
drinking coffee due to its remarkable flavor, taste and aroma. However, there are also tons of health
reasons why drinking coffee in moderation is a good habit.
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