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Price: $19.96 - Each
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Mara Stoneware Mugs Hearts
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16 oz Round Mugs     Price: $19.96 Each
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Price for each Lid - $5.00
Mara Mugs Lids
Blue Green
Dark Brown
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These Mara Stoneware Lids were created for the Mara 510 Series fired twice at
high temperatures and finished by hand. Minor imperfections and color variations
are therefore a common characteristic of hand-finished stoneware products. Only
lead-free glazes are used and the product is tested to ensure that there are no traces
of either lead or cadmium.
Mara Stoneware
Mara 16 oz Mugs/Ravens
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 T5 Ravens
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Mara Stoneware Lids
for 510/Mugs
Mara Stoneware Mug/Hearts
Mara Mugs Doves
Mara Mugs Motorcycle
Mara Mugs Sage Leaves
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 T7 Doves
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 U5 Sage Leaves
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 T8 Motorcycle
Mara Mugs Zia Sun
Mara Mugs Butterfly/Blue
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 U6 Zia Sun
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 U8 Butterfly/Blue
Mara Mugs Fish School
Mara Mugs Hearts
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 U9 Fish School
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 V1 Hearts
Mara Mugs Coffee Mug
Mara Mugs 16oz
510V3 Coffee Mug
Mara Mugs Equestrian
Mara Mugs 16oz
510V4 Equestrian
Mara Mugs - Dolphin
Mara Mugs 16oz
510V8 Dolphin
mara Mugs - Jogger/Runner
Mara Mugs 16oz
510W1 Jogger/Runner
Mara Mugs - Hiker
Mara Mugs 16oz
510W2 Hiker
Mara Mugs - Snowy Mountains
Mara Mugs 16oz
510W3 Snowy Mountains
Mara Mugs - Dream Catcher
Mara Mugs 16oz
510W4 Dream Catcher
Mara Stoneware Mugs  Golfer
Mara Mugs 16oz
510W5 Golfer
Mara Stoneware Mugs  Owls on Branch
Mara Mugs 16oz
510W6 Owls on Branch